Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GameMaker Studio Tutorial Videos

GameMaker Studio Tutorial Videos:
The following tutorials are generally updated versions of the GameMaker 8.1 videos.  The changes are subtle, so you should be able to use the GameMaker 8.1 and GameMaker Studio tutorials interchangeably.  The initial set of GameMaker Studio tutorials will guid you through creating a Maze / Adventure game.

The Game Maker Interface: This short video will provide you with an understanding of the gamemaker environment. It will explain the different resources that are included in a game created with GameMaker. (5:48)

Creating Sprites, Objects, and Rooms: This tutorial will show you how to create sprites, objects and rooms. You will create and name your first resources using a proper naming convention. In the next lesson, we will program your objects with events and actions. (7:27)

Introducing Events and Actions: This tutorial will show you how to create events and actions for objects. Events and actions are what tell the objects what to do in a game. (6:51)

Creating Moving Objects: This video will assist you in creating objects that move automatically in GameMaker 8. (7:14)

Adding a background and sound: This tutorial will show you how to add sound and a background to your games in GameMaker Studio. (7:41)

Shooting with a pause between shots: This video will demonstrate how to shoot projectiles in GameMaker from a given object.  Timers and variables are used to provide a pause between shots. (6:20)

Adding a health bar: This video will show you how to create and display a health bar above your character.  This example uses the draw event and draw health actions. (7:48)