Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm going to 3d Gamelab (Teacher) Camp!

Are you interested in Game Based Learning with a splash (or actually a lot more than a splash) of Gamification?  If so, you won't want to miss out on 3d GameLab's Teacher Camp from August 1 - 20, 2012.

Teacher Camp is fully online and offers a combination of synchronous learning opportunities in a number of exciting environments (World of WarCraft with WoW in schools founder @PeggySheehy and Second Life with Sabine Reljic, designer of ARVEL SIG) and Quest Based achievement oriented asynchronous activities.  

Level up by learning and playing!  The variety of experiential tracks include:

  • Minecraft in Schools (with Minecraft in Schools founder Lucas Gillispie @PCSTech).  
  • 21st Century Technology Integration with Computer Teacher Mark Suter
  • Mobile Learning in and out of the Classroom with author Liz Kolb (From Toys to Tools: Cellphones in the Classroom)
  • Making Machinima (animated video) with founder of Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education, Kae Novak
  • Make Your Own App with Boise State University Professor, Yu-Chang Hsu
  • Digital Games in the Classroom with 3d GameLab co-founder Chris Haskell
  • The Academy - Educational Design Quest Bootcamp
While participating and learning participants will be immersed in the 3d GameLab environment and become part of the 3d GameLab closed beta.  As part of the program, 'campers' will receive 60 3d GameLab accounts to use with students.  3d GameLab allows you to create a Quest Based learning environment that sets up a wonderful differentiated learning experience for your students.  Students will have the opportunity to complete quests to level up and ultimately earn their grade.  This fits beautifully with my philosophy of guiding students by providing choice.  The system lends well to any curricular area and will add a gaming layer to any class.  

More details and registration information for Teacher Camp can be found at

Hope to learn with you this August!